Please be informed that the Ministry of Health and Welfare has issued important guidelines and educational materials for the control of severe and specific infectious pneumonia, as described in the explanatory paragraph.

1. In accordance with Changhua County Government's letter No. 11110242869 dated June 30, 111.

2. The electronic file contains the following information: the contact window of the local government health bureau to receive the list of close contacts in schools and workplaces, the list of designated community testing institutions and hospitals for serious treatment under COVID-19, the question and answer series related to the return to Taiwan of confirmed cases from abroad, the service hours of the designated institutions for self-funded testing under COVID-19 with a fee of $3,500 (inclusive), and the fee of $3,500 (inclusive). The following self-funded examination COVID-1 designated institutions, etc.

3.Please go to the Ministry of Health and Welfare's Disease Control website / Infectious Diseases and Epidemic Prevention / Introduction to Infectious Diseases / Class V Statutory Infectious Diseases / Severe and Special Infectious Pneumonia / Disease Information (URL: N6XvFa1YP9CXYdBOkNSA9A) for downloading.

4. The former information is updated on the website of Changhua County Health Bureau / Topic Area / Severe and Specific Infectious Pneumonia (COVID-19) / Guidelines (URL: https: // and can be downloaded directly.