COVID-19 Campus Epidemic Prevention Specification

1.Please wear a mask throughout the entire school day and prohibit eating and drinking during the school day, except for the exceptions announced by the Command Center. The principle of "no sickness, no work, no campus" should be implemented, and those with ear temperature≧38°C, forehead temperature≧37.5°C or acute respiratory infection, or those with abnormal smell and taste, diarrhea, etc. should be prohibited from entering the campus, and should immediately seek medical attention and report to the Health and Safety Section to activate the tracking and care mechanism (hotline 06-2530347 or campus ext. 255, 291).

2.If you have a fever or a confirmed diagnosis, please report it to the University's "Nanying University APP-Health and Epidemic Prevention APP" and the Health and Safety Section will follow up and care for you.

3. Admission Regulations

(1) Those who are diagnosed or have a positive fast screening must seek medical or video outpatient services for a doctor's opinion. 7 days of home care (no admission to school), after which they can enter classes without symptoms.

(2) Close contacts (family members living with the patient or roommates living off campus): 3 days home isolation (no admission to school) + 4 days independent vaccination (no admission to class); 0+7 days independent vaccination (no admission to class).

(3) The school will provide one dose of quick screening test for those who remove their masks for more than 15 minutes with confirmed patients (and those who have positive quick screening).

(4) Home quarantine (foreign entry): 3 days home quarantine (no admission to school) + 4 days independent quarantine (no admission to class).

4.Staff and students who are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination should make an appointment to receive the vaccine at the vaccination registration system of each county and city government, and complete the "Vaccine Registration App" at their school.

5. Relevant policies will be revised on a rolling basis according to the regulations of the Command Center and the Ministry of Education; if you have any questions, please contact the Health and Safety Section.

Office of Student Affairs Health Service Section