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【Important announcement】 What to do for fast screening positivity (1104 update)

1. The "Severe Infectious Pneumonia Isolation Notice" is issued by the health unit, so those who have positive fast screening must go through the video outpatient clinic or go to the doctor for confirmation of diagnosis. https://sites.google.com/view/covid-19screen (Tainan COVID-19 Fast Screening Video Interpretation Clinic)

2. 7 days of home isolation, after the expiration of the period without symptoms, you can go to school and attend classes; the number of days of home isolation will be shortened to 5 days on 11/14.

3. For staff and students with confirmed diagnosis, please go to "Health Prevention" of NUIST APP to fill out the confirmation report.

4. Residential students must notify their building supervisors and warden teachers to facilitate the separation process.

5.If a faculty or staff member has suspected symptoms due to official duties or at school, please fill out the "Tainan University of Applied Science and Technology - College and University Publicly Financed Fast Screening Test Request Form" (link: https://forms.gle/QHzeXSRcBJX2bNrF7).

6.For leave of absence, please contact the Student Support Section at 06-2532106, ext. 323, 222, 322.



Office of Student Affairs Health Service Section

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