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Steady liberalization of epidemic prevention measures, adjustment of screening schedule during 0+7 autonomous epidemic prevention period since February 7

The Central Epidemic Command Center said today that the recent international epidemic is slowing down and no threatening new mutant strains have been found, so in line with the steady opening of border control and community prevention measures, the regulations on the timing of screening in the guidelines for independent vaccination have been adjusted since February 7, and the original regulations on the day of entry or the first day of independent vaccination or the day of contact with a fast screening test and the requirement of a negative fast screening test within 2 days of going out have been abolished. The regulation was changed to "use fast screening reagents for home screening if symptoms appear during the period of independent vaccination".

The Command Center explained that currently, the target of independent vaccination must be screened with fast screening reagents on the day of entry or on the first day of independent vaccination (D0/D1) or on the day when Quantitative was listed as a contact. After evaluating the domestic and international epidemic trends and the domestic medical capacity, the Command Center has adjusted the timing of testing under the voluntary vaccination guidelines since February 7, and will use home fast screening reagents when symptoms appear and take a break at the voluntary vaccination site. In line with the adjustment of the prevention and control policy, the number of doses of quick screening test for incoming patients will be adjusted from 4 doses to 1 dose starting from 00:00 on February 7 (the scheduled arrival time of the flight), and the close contacts of confirmed patients will be adjusted to 1 dose from February 7 (the starting date of isolation of confirmed patients).

The Command Center points out that at present, there are sufficient stock in the domestic market for the sale of household antigen quick screening reagents, so if people have a need for quick screening reagents, they can go to various channels (such as pharmacies or supermarkets/retail channels that sell quick screening reagents) to buy them themselves. To protect ourselves and others, we will work together to maintain the safety of domestic epidemic prevention.

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