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Our COVID-19 Precautionary Measures (2/20~3/5)

The Ministry of Education considers that the second semester of the 111th school year begins after the Chinese New Year holiday and winter break, and follows the 228th Peace Memorial Day 4-day consecutive holiday after the school year begins, in order to observe the health condition of students and strengthen the epidemic surveillance operation for 2 weeks after the school year begins (2/20~3/5); therefore, the following campus epidemic prevention measures are maintained.
1. 2 weeks before the school year begins (2/20-3/5), students must still monitor their body temperature in class and complete the report in the "Health Prevention" section of the Southern Taiwan University App.
2. If you have a fever (ear temperature≧38 degrees, forehead temperature≧37.5 degrees), respiratory infection or other symptoms such as abnormal smell or diarrhea, you should immediately seek medical attention and implement "no work and no campus for sickness", and inform the Health Center in real time to facilitate the mastery of student and faculty health and continuous tracking and counseling.



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